Prim-Jarnik algorithm


Definition: Compute a minimum spanning tree by beginning with any vertex as the current tree. At each step add a least edge between any vertex not in the tree and any vertex in the tree. Continue until all vertices have been added.

Aggregate child (... is a part of or used in me.)
greedy algorithm.

See also Kruskal's algorithm.

Author: JLG


explanation and implementation (pseudocode and Java bytecode)

More information

Eppstein's lecture outlining and contrasting MST algorithms.

V. Jarník, O jistem problemu minimalnim, Praca Moravske Prirodovedecke Spolecnosti, 6:57-63, 1930. (in Czech)
R. C. Prim, Shortest connection networks and some generalizations, Bell Syst. Tech. J., 36:1389-1401, 1957.

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