minimum spanning tree


Definition: A minimum-weight tree in a weighted graph which contains all of the graph's vertices.

Also known as MST, shortest spanning tree, SST.

Generalization (I am a kind of ...)
spanning tree.

Aggregate parent (I am a part of or used in ...)
Christofides algorithm (1).

See also Kruskal's algorithm, Prim-Jarnik algorithm, Boruvka's algorithm, Steiner tree, arborescence, similar problems: all pairs shortest path, traveling salesman.

Note: A minimum spanning tree can be used to quickly find a near-optimal solution to the traveling salesman problem.

The term "shortest spanning tree" may be more common in the field of operations research.

A Steiner tree is allowed additional connection points to reduce the total length even more.

Author: JLG


(C++, Pascal, Fortran, C, and Mathematica). CALGO Algorithm 613 (Fortran).

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Eppstein's lecture outlining and contrasting MST algorithms.

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