Bloom filter

(data structure)

Definition: A data structure with a probabilistic algorithm to quickly test membership in a large set using multiple hash functions into a single array of bits.

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array of bits, hash function.

See also invertible Bloom lookup table, locality-sensitive hashing.

Note: A Bloom filter is good for secret sharing: giving a Bloom filter lets someone see if you have an item (it is found in the Bloom filter), but it is impractical to recreate the whole collection.

Author: PEB


Arash Partow's implementations (C++, Object Pascal) (go to Download, at the bottom).

More information

The Bose, Guo, Kranakis, et. al. paper below shows that "The actual false-positive rate is strictly larger than" Bloom's formula.
Bloom_filter [Wikipedia] gives many variants and extensions. Trade-offs and engineering techniques with links to sites with recent papers, hash functions, etc. Another explanation typo: probability of false positive is missing a minus sign; exponent should be ... e-kn/m. Using Bloom filters. Language is Perl. Jason Davies' interactive animation helps people understand how a Bloom filter works.

Burton Bloom, Space/time trade-offs in hash coding with allowable errors, CACM, 13(7):422-426, July 1970.
Prosenjit Bose, Hua Guo, Evangelos Kranakis, Anil Maheshwari, Pat Morin, Jason Morrison, Michiel Smid, and Yihui Tang, On the False-Positive Rate of Bloom Filters, Technical Report TR-07-07, Carleton University - School of Computer Science, 1 March 2007. Available at
They also conclude that "Our upper-bounds show that, for large enough values of m with small values of k, the difference between pk and the actual false-positive rate is negligible."

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