tree automaton


Definition: An extension of a finite state machine that operates on n-ary constructors. Where a finite state automaton reaches a new state with a single state and character, a tree automaton takes n states and constructors. Tree automata may be top-down (starting from the root) or bottom-up (starting from the leaves), and deterministic or nondeterministic.

See also deterministic finite tree automaton, nondeterministic finite tree automaton, deterministic tree automaton, nondeterministic tree automaton, top-down tree automaton.

Note: Words for finite state automata can be seen as composed of unary constructors, the alphabet, and a 0-ary constructor, the end of the word.

Nondeterministic top-down and bottom-up automata, and deterministic bottom-up automata are equivalent, but top-down automata are weaker.

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