Patricia tree

(data structure)

Definition: A compact representation of a trie in which any node that is an only child is merged with its parent.

Also known as radix tree.

Generalization (I am a kind of ...)

Specialization (... is a kind of me.)
suffix tree.

See also compact DAWG.

Note: A compact directed acyclic word graph (DAWG) merges common suffix trees to save additional space.

A radix tree is taken to be a binary Patricia tree.

Author: SE


Net-Patricia (Perl and C) is a C implementation with a Perl API. C prototyping tools, cprops (C), is a threaded implementation (find trie.c). py-radix (Python). insert (C), search (C).

More information

Donald R. Morrison, PATRICIA - Practical Algorithm to Retrieve Information Coded in Alphanumeric, Journal of the ACM, 15(4):514-534, October 1968.

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