Definition: A sort algorithm that builds a heap, then repeatedly extracts the maximum item. Run time is O(n log n).

Generalization (I am a kind of ...)
in-place sort.

Specialization (... is a kind of me.)
adaptive heap sort, smoothsort.

Aggregate child (... is a part of or used in me.)
build-heap, heap, sift up.

See also selection sort.

Note: Heapsort can be seen as a variant of selection sort in which sorted items are arranged (in a heap) to quickly find the next item.

Some times called "tournament sort" by analogy between a heap, with its heap property, and a tree of matches in a sports tournament.

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Prof. Dr. Hans Wener Lang's definitions, explanations, diagrams, and pseudo-code (Java), Bro. David Carlson's heaps and heapsort tutorial and code (C++). Paulo Roma's (Pascal) implementation. (Python). Worst-case behavior annotated for real time (WOOP/ADA), including bibliography.

More information

Comparison of quicksort, heapsort, and merge sort on modern processors.

An illustration of heap sort followed by a race between heap sort and merge sort.

Robert W. Floyd, Algorithm 245 Treesort 3, CACM, 7(12):701, December 1964.
J. W. J. Williams, Algorithm 232 Heapsort, CACM, 7(6):378-348, June 1964.
Although Williams clearly stated the idea of heapsort, Floyd gave a complete, efficient implementation nearly identical to what we use today.

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